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Huge Traffic to Your Website
By Gijo George

Everyday the world of Internet is growing large. Thousands of web pages are being added to Internet. A great deal of effort is required on the part of Web master to ensure that sufficient amount of visitors to his site. Following are some proven ways to increase traffic to your web site.

Submit your site to different Search engines: This is very important because most of your visitors reach your site through Search Engines. Link Building: Build Links that are relevant. By relevant, I mean that Links should be placed in such sites, which are immediately identifiable as the same category as yours. Just placing lot of links blindly won't help you. This is because Google's finds your site through the relevant links. If you are placing your links indiscriminately all over the Internet, it will only help to spoil the reputation of your web site. Advertising through different Classified Sites: Advertisement helps you to gain more popularity among Internet community. Choose some free classified sites for your advertisement and input your web site information during particular intervals. Write articles: Writing articles related to your subject, which you have in your web site and submit them to different Article Submission sites is a great way to improve the popularity of your site. When you write an article, you can actually embed your site information as a bottom line. This will act like a link for your site where people who read your article can find you. Quality Content: Content is the core of any web site and it should be of good Quality. By quality, I mean that one who reads the content should find some meaning it or gain something out of it. Moreover, if the content is updated regularly, Search Engines will be motivated to visit your sites regularly. More information about Increasing Web Traffic can be found at :

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How to Build Effective Links
By Gijo George

In this Internet age every business small or big must have an Internet site to represent their business. It is not enough to just have a web site, your site has to be promoted regularly through different avenues. The first step is to submit your web page to various Internet search engines. Once you have submitted your web site information to search engines, next important step is to make links with other sites. Links are small piece of html code with url and other information regarding your site embedded to it. Send this code to other site's webmaster who is interested in exchanging link with your site. They can put this html code into their web site. You also will receive a similar kind of html code with their url and other information about the site embedded to it, which should be pasted into your page. Many websites are keeping a separate page for hosting these links.

When you select a web site to host your link it is better to select one, which is doing a similar kind of business like yours. Building links is not a Herculean task. It takes some time to establish links. Once you make links with other web sites you can watch your traffic increase day by day.

Further information about building Effective Links can be found at Promote your site effectively.

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